Nov  December 2021
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Monday, Dec 6, 2021   
Award Winner
AK-47  .coN' (71 kills with ak47)
AUG  e✘treme® Hm (19 kills with aug)
AWP  e✘treme® hulkitoo (75 kills with awp)
Bayonet  «♡» Пента 💛 (3 kills with bayonet)
Bowie Knife  plankyyy (2 kills with bowie knife)
Butterfly Knife  e✘treme® Wonderful Child (4 kills with butterfly knife)
CZ75A  JIkMeister (4 kills with cz75a)
Desert Eagle  DEUS;NOPRO! (72 kills with deagle)
Dual Berettas  Zhong Xina (7 kills with elite)
Falchion Knife  e✘treme® hulkitoo (1 kills with falchion)
FAMAS  5majesty | Bloodshot (9 kills with famas)
Five-SeveN  kAxs ✩ (3 kills with fiveseven)
Flip Knife  dot (1 kills with flip-knife)
Galil AR  5majesty | Bloodshot (10 kills with galilar)
Glock-18  aKe (11 kills with glock)
Gut Knife  eLLa (1 kills with gut-knife)
High Explosive Grenade  dvr._ (4 kills with hegrenade)
Karambit  VarrioX (1 kills with karambit)
Kill Assists  DEUS;NOPRO! (57 kill assists)
Knife  .CSAdria Matrix_ayZ[TTFU] (2 kills with knife)
Longest Kill Streak  🅿🅴🆉 < (9 kills)
Longest Play Time  Limitless (06:32:18h hours)
M4A1-S  .coN' (66 kills with m4a1-s)
M4A4  BoskezzZ (23 kills with m4a4)
M9 Bayonet  compaNy (1 kills with m9-bayonet)
MAC-10  ♞SmaJLee (12 kills with mac10)
MAG-7  Rebellion | †DaViD† (18 kills with mag7)
Most Damage  DEUS;NOPRO! (33,891 damage)
Most Deaths  Limitless (191 deaths)
Most Headshots  DEUS;NOPRO! (98 headshots)
Most Improved Player  ▲•▲BuSTeR▲•▲ (833 points gained)
Most Kills  DEUS;NOPRO! (198 kills)
Most Suicides  w10 (6 suicides)
MP5-SD  hitman_jimmy (36 kills with mp5sd)
MP7  ★Bu77eT★ (9 kills with mp7)
MP9  ♧︎ ScorpioN ♧ 🚬🚬🚬 (24 kills with mp9)
Negev  Grof (3 kills with negev)
Nova  Cr0x (3 kills with nova)
P2000  CTPA|||EH (5 kills with hkp2000)
P250  compaNy (6 kills with p250)
P90  ★Bu77eT★ (31 kills with p90)
PP-Bizon  Maverick!? aka Neo NoSound (11 kills with bizon)
R8 Revolver  rush (1 kills with revolver)
Sawed-Off  Rebellion | †DaViD† (5 kills with sawedoff)
SG 553  ♞SmaJLee (37 kills with sg556)
SSG 08  mrcan (31 kills with ssg08)
Stiletto Knife  BoaD (1 kills with stiletto knife)
Talon Knife  wyd stepbro? AeRo ♤ (4 kills with talon knife)
Tec-9  .coN' (10 kills with tec9)
Top Defuser  >< CIKA MRK >< (11 bomb defusions)
Top Demolitionist  .coN' (15 bomb plantings)
UMP-45  .coN' (6 kills with ump45)
USP-S  dvr._ (13 kills with usp-s)
XM1014  Jahaci Ponia Coach Carter (11 kills with xm1014)
Zeus x27  e✘treme® [email protected] (4 kills with taser)